Wiechs am Randen

In a document of 830 the place is mentioned for the first time. For many centuries Kirchstetten, part of the place, was the church centre for the surrounding municipalities. Today's chapel of the cemetery is the choir of the parish church St Verena which burnt down in 1911. Next to it, you find the former presbytery. The broad side of this building is the border of a farmyard; on its right there is a good, new-converted, half-timbered barn.

The peculiarity of Wiechs am Randen is its geographic location. The bounds of the district are at the same time the state frontiers to Switzerland. A county street is the only connection to Germany. Wiechs am Randen consists of the two villages Wiechs and Kirchstetten which had been independent of each other until the 17th century. Both places had belonged to the Front Authority Tengen.

Wiechs has developed from the centres of two small villages - today's Upper-Wiechs in the area Schlauchstrasse/Hauptstrasse and today's Middle-Wiechs in the area Schmiedgasse/Hauptstrasse. Kirchstetten, today's Low Wiechs is situated more to the east of them. The new parish church in Middle Wiechs was set up from 1922 to 1924. It was consecrated "Herz-Jesu-Kirche" (Sacred-Heart-Church).